Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Well last night we put Maggie down at 10:00pm.  We had just gotten home from our long road trip from San Antonio.  We were all tired.  My wife was feeling a little under the weather.  Something about her and hotel rooms just don't mix.  She caught a little bug we think.  So, we climbed in the bed around 11:00 or so.  I then proceeded to get up and down out of bed to help my wife with things she needed.  Advil, heating pad, water, more blankets...  She was fighting a fever.  Finally in the early morning, not sure what time, she broke the fever!  YAY!  Through all this, Maggie didn't make a peep.  It was truly the Lord at work.  He knew Hannah needed to fight this thing without having to do a feeding in the middle of it.  He also knew I needed to help and Maggie needed some sleep.

What did Jesus do for us last night?

He healed Hannah, gave me energy to help, and put a tired baby into a long, much needed sleep.
Thanks Jesus.  You rock!


  1. Hope Hannah is doing better today...I didn't know she wasn't feeling well yesterday! :(

    That little Maggie is the CUTEST thing ever!! I got a lesson in changing her diaper yesterday...can't wait for her to join us in SS!!

  2. I love your Blog TT...

    What a great way to give God all the GLORY daily and to Share it.

    Love to Hannah, Maggie and yourself.

    Love, Kat