Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where Do I Begin?

One week ago today, the Lord gave us Marguerite Ruth Trussell.  What a blessing she has been already!
Throughout this week, we have seen the Lord answer many prayers and do things for us unimaginable.  He truly is Lord of all creation!  Before the birth, we all were praying against a c-section.  But the Lord had other plans.  See, Maggie was dropping like she was supposed too, but when Hannah would have a contraction, Maggie's little heart rate was having a hard time catching back up.  So it was go time!  Sometimes our prayers are not answered the way we want them to be.  God's plans are always better than ours.  I believe God allows these things to happen to make us trust in Him even more.  In 13 minutes, little Maggie was born to us by c-section.  And it was amazing!  Not really the way we wanted it, but we trust that the Lord was in total control the whole time and His purpose is greater than our wishes.

The Lord did so many things for us this week and answered so many prayers.  He is an amazing God and worthy of our praise!  Begin examining your life.  What is He doing for you today?  It could be a little thing or it could be GINORMOUS!  He is at work.

What did Jesus do for me this week?
He gave us a precious baby girl.
He delivered her with no complications.
He made her a healthy baby.
He's helping mom recover wonderfully.
He's letting Maggie sleep.
He's letting Monkey (our dog) get used to the new addition better than we expected.
He gave us a supporting family.
He allowed my sister to come in town and hold little Maggie.
He gave us friends to feed us.
He let mommy's milk come in when it seemed all was lost.
He guided Maggie to latch on to Mom.
He's giving us rain to cool us off.
He's helping Maggie gain weight!
And He is still doing...
He is in control of it all.  Lord, we give you ALL the glory!

Mommy holds Maggie for the first time.
Gran holding Maggie.
Grandparents getting a gaze.
First cake from Uncle Ricky and Aunt Roxanne!
Sweet baby!
Glad to be home!
Aunt Ashley in town?  Yay!!!


  1. She is precious and blessed. So thankful HE is in control and you posted all the praises and photos.....May HE continue to bless your little girl and her family!!
    love to all, the Kears

  2. What a GIANT blessing babies are!! Enjoy all He has for your precious family! Love y'all...

  3. wow. what a precious little girl. i cant wait for our first playdate! we love yall!

  4. Troy, that is the sweetest thing. Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you and Hannah.